Spokane Human Rights Commission adds Lance Kissler as Commissioner, publishes LGBTQIA Resource Guide

From Lance Kissler, INBA Board Member and former Board President: I’m honored to have been unanimously appointed by the Spokane City Council at their regular meeting today to serve as a Commissioner on the City of Spokane Human Rights Commission. Please feel free to like my new page, where I’ll be sharing the latest about human rights topics, issues, and events. As a Commissioner, I promise to advocate on behalf of those who reside in the Spokane area who may not have a voice and may face discrimination.

The City of Spokane Human Rights Commission has also created an LGBTQIA resource guide for public distribution and use. If you have suggestions for other areas of concern or would like a PDF version for printing please email : ashley.torres@spokanehumamrightscommission.org

LGBTQIA Resource Guide

Posted by City of Spokane Human Rights Commission on Thursday, June 15, 2017


Pride Week Karaoke Another Huge Hit

By Charles Smaltz

On Wednesday, July 7th, INBA Hosted the LGBTQA Community for a Special Pride Week event. Early Bird Karaoke, A summer hot dog buffet, Tito’s drink specials and awesome INBA Member Gift Certificates, Special gift packages and prizes were given out throughout the night. Over 60 people attended throughout the night.

INBA members and many from LGBTQA community enjoyed the event and all want us to do it again next year! Watch for upcoming “Early Bird Karaoke” nights as well. Many comments about how much many people liked it! For those who attended Kitty the owner of nYne (who rarely performs/sings karaoke ) was one of the many who performed songs. There were many really amazing singers and much fun had by all!


July Networking Lunch: Sheila Collins, All In for Washington

Join INBA on Wednesday, July 12, for our monthly networking lunch, featuring guest speaker Sheila Collins from All In for Washington.

All In For Washington is a statewide effort to clean up the tax code so that all communities in Washington thrive. We know we can do great things when we all chip in our resources together to achieve the amazing things we could never accomplish alone.

Click Here to Register

For more information on All in for Washington, Click here

LGBTQ Films that Rocked the World


June is LGBT Pride Month, and traditionally it’s been both a time for reflection on gay history and struggles (originally created to commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 1969), along with a colorful, pride-ful celebration of many important achievements and milestones. Since Independent Lens is naturally a film-centric space, we decided to honor the occasion by reaching out to a few filmmakers who’ve made documentaries for Independent Lens, asking them to contribute their own picks for the gay-themed films (features or documentaries) that affected them most profoundly. While one important film deservedly gets mentioned twice, it’s an appropriately diverse list. [updated 2016; originally posted 2014]

Click through to pbs.org for the full list and trailers.

Check out Danny Devito’s short film, featuring two grumpy old gay men

Danny DeVito’s latest short film, Curmudgeons, hopes to dispel some of the myths surrounding love, age and sexuality. It’s hilarious, heartbreaking and only 15 minutes long.

The film was directed by DeVito, and played at the Tribeca Film Festival, introducing audiences to two grumpy old gay men, who just happen to be head-over-heels in love.

Just a heads-up: copious amounts of cursing ahead!

Curmudgeons from Jersey 2nd Avenue on Vimeo.

Back by popular demand: Early Bird Karaoke during Pride week

Join INBA during Pride Week on Wednesday, June 7th, for another Early Bird Karaoke night starting at 6 pm. There will be prizes throughout the night from various INBA Members. All are welcome; guests, friends, family, etc. You don’t have to be a member to attend, but plenty of our members and Chamber Partners will be there to connect and network. Continue reading Back by popular demand: Early Bird Karaoke during Pride week