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2017 LGBT Economic Business Summit

Inland Northwest Business Alliance is honored to join our colleagues across the Western United States as Greater Seattle Business Association will host the Western Business Alliance (a coalition of LGBT and allied business chambers) at the first-ever LGBT economic summit on March 16, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. The summit will address the economic factors and policy agendas that affect LGBT and allied businesses and communities in the western U.S. and Canada.

The full-day summit, Working Together for Shared Prosperity, will explore topics such as: leveraging the power of LGBT businesses; Blue State tourism; maintaining Left Coast politics in the post-election era; working together to promote diverse supply chains; and unlocking the power of bringing marginalized communities together.Through keynote presentations and panel discussions, attendees will share information, provide critical input to regional challenges, and build relationships with other LGBT and allied business leaders from Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and British Columbia.

The Board of the INBA is actively participating in this event and its planning efforts. We encourage any/all interested parties to join this historic, and meaningful, event. It is sure to spark a new level of momentum in the LGBT economic equality movement. Continue reading 2017 LGBT Economic Business Summit

INBA Welcomes 2017 Board of Directors

INBA is proud to officially welcome its 2017 Board of Directors

At the January INBA Board of Directors meeting a new slate of officers were officially voted in by the board. INBA’s by-laws allow for a maximum of 12 board members and new board members can be appointed during the year. If you have interest in serving on the INBA Board please contact our General Manager, Marvo Reguindin by email.

The full board and officers are:

Donna Sellers
Company: Kalispel Tribe, Project Coordinator

Robbi Anthony
Vice President
Company: Firedove Technology

Patrick Striker
Company: Spokane C.O.P.S, Executive Director

Kyle Richardson
Company: Spokane AIDS Network

Lance Kissler
Board Member
Company: STCU, Marketing Manager

Carly Cortright
Board Member
Company: City Of Spokane

Marshall Peterson
Board Member
Company: Marshall the Photographer

Katy Durning
Board Member

Julie Orchard
Company: HR Strategic Partner, Providence
Board Member

February Networking Lunch: Patrick Striker with Spokane COPS

Join us next Wednesday, February 8th at 11:30 am for a presentation from INBA Board Member, Patrick Striker. Now the Executive Director of Spokane C.O.P.S., Patrick will be discussing the importance of keeping your business safe and steps you can take to safeguard your property, your employees, and your customers!

Network with LGBTA professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Please register here for lunch; walk-up registration may not be available due to limited seating.

Wednesday, February 8, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Where: The Lincoln Center
1316 N. Lincoln Street Spokane WA 99201

Member/1st Time Guest: $ 30.00
Non-Member/Returning Guest: $ 40.00

Register Here

We hope to see you there!

Millions March on Washington and Around the World

The pink-hatted crowds march in Washington D.C. Photo: Women’s March on Washington

Hundreds of thousands of women and men alike gathered in Washington on Saturday in a kind of counter-inauguration after President Trump took office on Friday. A range of speakers and performers cutting across generational lines rallied near the Capitol before marchers made their way toward the White House.

Millions more across all 50 states and cities around the globe joined in an extraordinary display of dissent against the Trump presidency, unification for reproductive rights, and voices expressing distaste in the rhetoric surrounding one of the more divisive elections in modern American history. Continue reading Millions March on Washington and Around the World

INBA Special: Kinky Boots (Friday, March 3)

West Coast Entertainment has extended a special deal to all INBA members and guests for the Friday, March 3 performance of  Kinky Boots, Broadway’s 2013 Tony Award-winning Best Musical.

  • Discounted Rate: $61.00
  • Promo Code: “KinkyINBA” (Promo code inactive until February 1st)
  • Location: INB Performing Arts Center
  • Age Recommendation: Family Friendly
  • Performance Length: 2 hours 20 minutes

Continue reading INBA Special: Kinky Boots (Friday, March 3)

How to Maximize your INBA Membership


My name is Charles Smaltz and I have been a member of INBA since 1995.  I have been a part of recruiting new members and directory sales since 1996. I have served on the events committee, the board of directors, twice as Vice-President and as President in 2013.  I am proud now to be serving as your current INBA Membership Manager.

Please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns about your INBA membership.  I am always happy to follow up and introduce myself and the perks of INBA to friends, co-workers, and businesses you think would be awesome additions to the INBA family.

The most asked question I have had over the years is: “How do I maximize my INBA membership and my connection to the LGBTQA Community?”

Here are a few ways to easily make the most of your INBA membership:
  • Actively create and use a referral list.  At INBA lunches and functions, introduce yourself and meet others in businesses who you, your clients, friends, and family may use. Ask questions about what, how, and where they do business so referral to others can be fresh and accurate. Take time to reach out to other INBA members using the printed and online directories. Use calls, email and meetings with INBA members to expand your referral base and expose yourself and your business to other members.  Most importantly when possible make the introduction yourself via email phone or in person.  Connect the client, friend or family member with the person and business you are referring them too. This always is great win/win/win and will show that you are actively referring which always gets you the same in return.
  • Attend events! People in the LGBTQA community look for familiar faces and want to get to know you.  Coming to INBA lunches, After-hours and special events allow you time to connect with and grow your business, and become truly visible to the community.
  • Sponsor an INBA event, after hours event, or a fundraiser.  This shows the community at large you are more involved and highlights your business, services and products.
  • Expand your presence, expand your clients! Look at all the possibilities to showcase you and your business with INBA.  Online and printed directory ads, website banners, LGBT Travel Spokane website, and free INBA email-newsletter member spotlights are just some of the easy and affordable ways you can expand your message, exposure, and business.
  • Be present at Pride. I think one of the biggest mistakes newcomers to our community make is skipping the Pride march and festival.  The largest number of LGBTQA community members and supporters come out for the Spokane Pride Celebration over every other event.  You can join INBA under “our big tent” at Pride, or have your own booth. Small and large businesses alike are strongly encouraged to join the LGBTQA community in our unified day of celebration.
  • Serve on a committee or volunteer. INBA participates in plenty of community events that require your help representing out business community. If you want to make a difference on a longer scale, consider serving on the INBA or INBA Outreach Board of Directors. This makes you and your commitment more valuable and impactful to the LGBTQA community and you will make lifetime connections, friends, and business partners in the process.
  • Ask where your clients heard about you! Back in the day the response was “I found you in the phone book”. There are more options now, but many will give a simple answer, “I found you online”, “saw your ad”, or a “friend mentioned you”. How are you tracking your ROI unless you’re tracking where your customers come from. If you’re not using market research tactics like surveys, intake forms and conversion metrics, you may never know how your client found you unless you ask.  Just this year a particular INBA member decided not to renew, thinking they had not received much business from INBA. On the contrary, I knew that business had been used several times for larger orders by INBA members specifically because of their affiliation with this organization. By tracking your clients’ referrals, you’ll make sure you know precisely where your returns are coming from.


As a member of INBA  for over 20 years, I can guarantee that all of the above work and they work well! The more you do– the more time, energy and talent you put into INBA and into the LGBTQA community– the more benefits, connections, and lifetime friendships you’ll get back, on so many levels!



Charles Smaltz

INBA Membership Manager

Join INBA for the Women’s March on Spokane

WHERE: Spokane Convention Center
WHEN: Saturday, January 21st 2017, 11:00AM

On January 21st,  we will join forces and unite for the Women’s March on Spokane in solidarity with the national Women’s March on Washington D.C. We invite people of all gender identities, ethnicities, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations to come participate in this unifying event. Continue reading Join INBA for the Women’s March on Spokane

Letter from the General Manager, Marvo Reguindin

2017 is poised to be an interesting year. We cannot predict how businesses will be affected by the new administration, but changes are certain. There are warnings that anti-LGBT legislation could be introduced that would severely impact LGBT individuals, their families and friends, and our INBA business community. For us, equal and nondiscriminatory legislation go hand-in-hand with good business practices. Continue reading Letter from the General Manager, Marvo Reguindin

Letter from INBA Board President, Lance Kissler

Season’s Greetings!

Oh how it’s been a season of change—from local weather to the political climate. As many of us spent time with our friends and family during the holidays, we probably had crucial conversations about how our lives have been impacted. For some of us, our beliefs and assumptions have been challenged. But a challenge is a challenge: it’s an opportunity to rise up and move forward.

That’s where we find ourselves at the closing of the year: reflecting upon our past, celebrating the moment we’re in, and embracing the future. As an organization that has been advocating on behalf of the LGBT community, we must not forget about the battles we’ve fought, the strides we’ve made, and the work that is yet to be done. We are strong in our resolve—and we are even stronger, together.

To bring us together we need to walk the talk. We must remember that diversity comes in all forms—which includes differences in beliefs and values. By staying open-minded, embracing new and different perspectives, engaging others who may think differently in conversation, and listening with the intent to agree (yes, I mean actually listening—not just hearing someone while thinking up your counter-argument), we might actually create shared meaning. Without that, we’ll perpetuate the “us vs. them” dilemma we find ourselves in; we can’t afford to polarize our society any more. That may require a change in thinking and approach—and each one of us has to be open to the possibility that perhaps it involves some form of change on our end.

Change is constant and it affects all aspects of our lives, including this organization. After serving as your board president for three years, it’s time for me to pass the torch to new leadership and light the path ahead. Our vision and mission remain at the core of who we are. We will continue to create an economically robust and civically engaged community through the acceptance of diversity throughout our region. And to do this, we must develop a prosperous business community by advocating LGBT and Ally business perspectives. I look forward to fulfilling my term on this board and supporting INBA’s leadership over the coming year. We have a long and potentially arduous journey ahead of us. I hope you’ll all continue to join me as we charge forward together.


2016 INBA Board President
Lance Kissler

INBA After Hours: Holiday Party


Celebrate the holidays with INBA, join us for drinks and good times with your INBA family.

‘Tis the Holiday Party Season
Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th at 6:00 pm for an INBA After Hours event. This year, in addition to our monthly networking lunch (see below) we’re coming together for a lively INBA Holiday, hosted at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown, and Sponsored by Holiday Inn Express, Cynfully Delicious, and Thinking Cap Communications & Design.


Our wonderful menu for the evening, in addition to beer & wine, includes:
  • Sesame seed crusted rice cakes topped with avocado mousse, salmon lox bowties and chives
  • Steak and blue cheese crostini with balsamic reduction
  • Brussels sprouts with cranberry gastrique topped with roasted walnut
  • Coconut glazed shrimp and pineapple skewers
  • Single serve tiramisu in shot glasses with chocolate covered espresso beans

Check out the Facebook Event for directions and a reminder.