Kyle’s Kidney Project


Kyle’s Kidney Project with Kyle Sullivan,  a very Special episode of Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles. Charles and Kyle will be joined by Shawna Sampson who donated her kidney a little over a year ago for her cousin. Kyle will be sharing his experience, and true urgent need for a Kidney very soon. Please help Kyle and many others like him, listen to and share this episode with your friends and family.

Charles_Smaltz-Kyle3From Kyle’s Kidney Project:  I met with my surgeon for the first time yesterday! Our enthusiasm with people calling in for packets to donate has been wonderful, but the biggest takeaway from our meeting is that I need a living donor!!  A deceased donor kidney can be fickle and in some cases toxic. It would last at most 3-5 years, maybe 10, leaving me at square one all over again. A LIVING donor, however, would give me 20-25 years with that new polished kidney bean – I only get two transplants in my lifetime and I want the first one to matter. This is my plea. Many of you don’t know me and I truly appreciate the love and support as it helps fuel me along this adventure.If anyone is interested in getting tested to be a living donor and are an O+ or O- blood match call (509-474-4500) Monday-Friday and an information packet will be mailed.  -Kyle-  

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