A Message from Charles Smaltz, INBA Membership Manager

Greetings INBA Members,

2017 has seen the need for INBA in the community, and for each other, underscored. With LGBT rights are being assaulted and questioned by the current administration in D.C., many in the LGBTQA community are more conscious than ever of the businesses, professionals, and places that welcome individuals as they are, and for who they are. As a member since 1995, I have watched INBA grow and change and I have found many of my most valuable friendships and business connections have come from INBA members.  “The FUN Chamber” as dubbed by current members is a place to be yourself in a safe space, reach out to the LGBTQA community, form lifetime friendships and partnerships, and work together to bring “all of who you are” to our community. In times like this, it’s good to know that INBA will continue to advocate for diversity and acceptance, and we will never stop working towards our vision: an economically robust and civically engaged community, here in the Inland Northwest and as far as we can spread our message.

It is INBA membership and directory renewal time! Many new and exciting opportunities are coming in 2018 for INBA members and the community. Additional events, workshops, sponsorship opportunities, a new INBA mobile app (see app features here), and custom front cover for members to feature their logo on the printed directory. Members can choose to keep a stack of their customized directories to hand out to their customers or have them distributed with the generic covers.

“Refer a friend or business contest” If you know of a business, professional or friend who would benefit from being in the printed directory, online directory and mobile app you can win a prize by introducing them to me! Introductions can be in person, by email or social media. The referrals must be true introductions and not “give my friend a call” introductions. All introductions that result in a new INBA membership will be entered into a drawing.  Prizes will include gift certificates for coffee, lunch, and even a night at the CDA Casino & Resort. There will be winners in October and November and referral introductions can be made immediately!

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your membership, referrals and all the new opportunities. I can meet with you in person or by phone.

Thank you,

Charles Smaltz, Membership Manager
509-455-3699 –  INBA Office
509-218-4054 – cell

One thought on “A Message from Charles Smaltz, INBA Membership Manager

  1. Greetings Charles!

    I hope the fun continues and the education as well.

    I’m looking forward to more get-togethers.

    It seems like it’s been far too long.

    Hopefully, the newsletter I’m about to read after giving you some praise will have some!

    Best to you, Sir!

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